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Dr Hulda Clark Zapper Model B-5 - with Parasite Cleanse Kit

Kit includes Clove caps 100, Wormwood caps 100 and 2oz Black Walnut Tincture Extra Strength ZAP THE PARASITES Showing the way to better health Zap The Parasites Sells the ONLY Zapper used by Dr Hulda Clark in her clinic. Several websites selling Dr. ...  More

Price: $175.0

BOB BECK PROTOCOL Zapper & Ionic 3Bat. Combo Unit AKA "Plant Growth Stimulator"

We only Ship to Confirmed Residential Paypal address (No Commercial or Business Addresses Will Be Accepted) And Buyer Must Be Paypal Verified Or Money Will Be Refunded , Then Bidder Will Be Blocked Form Future Sales. We Reserve the right to refuse se ...  More

Price: $94.99

The ANNIHILATOR Zapper Kills Pain & Parasites Simultaneously!

You cook your food with microwaves, sterilize the air with light, diagnose injuries with xrays, ultra-(high-frequency)sound, & magnetic resonance (MRI).. Now you can combine the well-known healing & pain-killing power of magnets with the prov ...  More

Price: $54.99

Pain Zapper Basic Bundle Eye Mask Magic Body Pad

This bundle will help you with any back or hip pain. This bundle includes our Body Pad. Easy to put on, this will help alleviate poor circulation in and help reduce pain in hips and lower extremities. This is ideal and safe to sleep in, so to further ...  More

Price: $29.99

Pain-Zapper Deluxe Bundle Eye Mask Magic Body Pad Blanket

This bundle includes an eye mask in the color of your choice and a fashionable grey blanket. The blanket and the eye mask also have Negative Ions that are naturally emitted from the product. These ions help improve blood circulation and oxygen flow, ...  More

Price: $43.8

The Hulda Clark Zapper

The Zapper electronically charges your white blood cells, while "zapping" or stunning foreign invaders, such as parasites, bacteria, viruses, and fungi. The Zapper runs on a 9-volt battery and produces 20-40 kHz. The only other thing you need to have ...  More

Price: $89.99


Price: $132.42

Dr Clark Zapper Model B-5 The ONLY Zapper used in Dr. Hulda Clark's clinic.

Price: $129.0


Price: $499.0

Dr Hulda Clark Zapper Model A-6 The ONLY Zapper used in Dr Clark's Clinic

Price: $179.0

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