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Dual Frequency Zapper - 1000 Hertz & 30,000 Hertz Positive Offset Square Wave

Dual Frequency (1000 Hertz & 30.000 Hertz) Zapper by Frequency Generation using the published designs by Hulda Clark Ph.D., N.D.. Uses a 9-volt battery (provided). The pamphlet "Zapper Basics" describes simple illustrated instructions for setting ...  More

Price: $75.0

The Zapper: AutoZap 5 Super-fast Hulda Clark Zapper-The Zappicator & SuperStraps

Best Zapper Wellness System I bought this Brand New and used it approximately 25 times. Includes Everything you see above in the picture in original box. Looks and works like Brand New. Want To SuperCharge Your Health? Here Is The Fastest Way To Do I ...  More

Price: $389.99


This is a dual frequency version of the original Dr. Clark zapper, and has 3 and 30 kHz selectable with a toggle switch. The circuit has positive offset and is reverse polarity protected. A fresh American-made alkaline battery is included (non-alkali ...  More

Price: $38.0

Super Bio Wave Generator (Zapper) 3-AA Batteries Extra Wristbands -Made In Italy

This is an older zapper (I think around 2000) made in Italy. If I remember correctly, it was purchased through the Dr. Hulda Clark website. It takes 3 AA batteries (included). Also included are 2 pair of wristbands and the connecting leads. Thanks fo ...  More

Price: $45.0

Don Croft Terminator II Zapper & 16" Zapper Strapper

WELCOME TO OUR TERMINATOR ZAPPER AUCTION & THANK YOU FOR VISITING! NEW ZAPPER STRAPPER INCLUDED WITH PURCHASE! This custom made strap is a soft comfortable elastic material (not unlike the waistband of your favorite sweat pants) which is 16 inche ...  More

Price: $128.5

Sub-Micro Zapper: Hands-free Highest Quality Zapper

Sub-Micro Zapper: Hands-free Highest Quality Zapper click picture to enlarge click picture to enlarge Sub-Micro Zapper: Hands-free Highest Quality Hulda Clark Zapper World's smallest zapper, including conductive-gel electrodes. __________ eBay's long ...  More

Price: $15.95

Annihilator Zapper - Advanced Zapper Based On Don Croft Terminator II

Price: $54.99

Z4eX EXTREME 3 Frequency Hulda Clark Zapper

Price: $72.95

Don Croft Terminator, Basic Zapper & Zapper Straps

Price: $150.0

Don Croft Terminator II Zapper & 32" Zapper Strapper

Price: $128.5

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