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Terminator Zapper and Zapper Crystal Coil

This is a Terminator Zapper with a true crystal coil the extra connector is made to connect to one another as you can see in the photo the little green light on the terminator still lights up to show it is still operational.. It is custom made by Ken ...  More

Price: $69.0

Volcano Zapper-bio Wave Generator

Product DescriptionVolcano Zapper V2 - antiparasitic device that destroys disease-causing parasites, bacteria, viruses and fungi due to electrical vibrations of a certain frequency without the use of pharmacological drugs. Allows to effectively kills ...  More

Price: $100.0

Don Croft Terminator II Zapper for optimum health! Free Express!

WELCOME TO OUR TERMINATOR ZAPPER AUCTION & THANK YOU FOR VISITING! This auction is for one brand new awesome Terminator Zapper designed and manufactured by Don Croft. The Terminator Zapper requires one 9 volt alkaline battery (not included). The ...  More

Price: $134.0

Dr Hulda Clark Zapper Model A-6 with Parasite Cleanse Kit

Kit includes Wormwood caps 100, Clove caps 100 and 2oz Black Walnut Tincture Extra Strenth. ZAP THE PARASITES Showing the way to better health Zap The Parasites Sells the ONLY Zapper used by Dr Hulda Clark in her clinic. Several websites selling Dr. ...  More

Price: $225.0

Bob Beck Zapper Micro-current blood electrifier through ankles kit

Welcome to an improvement in your health ! Use of micro-currents in reduction of pathogens is a key step in improving / restoring health. Part 1 of the Beck protocol. This delivers a faint, but adjustable micro-current. When placed over the wrist or ...  More

Price: $77.77

Mini Zapper - Hulda Clark - Hi Quality/Low Price

Mini Hulda Clark Zapper click picture to enlarge Mini Zapper Highest quality and smallest pocket zapper available. __________ eBay's longest and best selling line of Zappers with more and better feedback than ANYone else! Lifetime warranty Much bette ...  More

Price: $29.95

21st century technologies zapper

Price: $99.0

Basic Don Croft Original Model A Prototype-Terminator Zapper

Price: $35.99

Dr. Clark VariGamma - ZAPPER, RIFE frequency Health and Healing

Price: $450.0

Preprogramed Driver Card LOT for Dr. Clark VariGamma - 8 CARDS - Zapper, Rife

Price: $99.0

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