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Don Croft Terminator II Zapper for optimum health! Free Express!

WELCOME TO OUR TERMINATOR ZAPPER AUCTION & THANK YOU FOR VISITING! This auction is for one brand new awesome Terminator Zapper designed and manufactured by Don Croft. The Terminator Zapper requires one 9 volt alkaline battery (not included). The ...  More

Price: $134.0


This is a dual frequency version of the original Dr. Clark zapper, and has 3 and 30 kHz selectable with a toggle switch. The circuit has positive offset and is reverse polarity protected. There is a short instruction sheet included, but we assume buy ...  More

Price: $43.0

Dr Hulda Clark Zapper Model A-6 with Parasite Cleanse Kit

Kit includes Wormwood caps 100, Clove caps 100 and 2oz Black Walnut Tincture Extra Strenth. ZAP THE PARASITES Showing the way to better health Zap The Parasites Sells the ONLY Zapper used by Dr Hulda Clark in her clinic. Several websites selling Dr. ...  More

Price: $225.0

Bob Beck Electrifier Zapper Pulser Full Power Three 9 Volt Battery Design..

Welcome to my listing. Whether you have been newly introduced to the wonderful Beck Protocol and need this electrifier or are looking to replace an older unit, look no further. Ive been making these devices for years with a very high positive feedbac ...  More

Price: $127.38

Annihilator Zapper Cleanse Parasite, Worm, Fungi, Virus, Candida, by Don Croft

MAKE AN OFFER ON YOUR ANNIHILATOR TODAY!The ANNIHILATOR not only does everything the Original Basic Don Croft Zapper does, but it also has powerful neodymium magnets in the 4 terminals, which are located on 36-inch-long leads, so you can put the famo ...  More

Price: $58.99

Don Croft Original Model A Prototype-Terminator Zapper

Our Indian Maid Don Croft Zapper allows you to try out this great health-improvement electronic technology without a large cash outlay! Our Zapper was originally developed by Don Croft. He gifted its manufacture to us to help relieve the huge unemplo ...  More

Price: $35.99

Zapper - Bio Zapper v2.1 - Dr. Hulda Clark Zapper

Price: $135.0


Price: $79.67

Hand or Feet Cylinders for GB 4000 Rife Machine Frequency Generators or Zapper

Price: $29.95


Price: $17.0

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