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BOB BECK ZAPPER + CS3 - Battery AKA "Plant Growth Stimulator" Bob Beck Protocol

We only Ship to Confirmed Residential Address Paypal address (No Business Or Commercial Addresses will be Accepted) And Buyer Must Be Paypal Verified Or Money Will Be Refunded , Then Bidder Will Be Blocked Form Future Sales. We Reserve The Right To R ...  More

Price: $129.99

Don Croft Terminator II Zapper & 16" Zapper Strapper

WELCOME TO OUR TERMINATOR ZAPPER AUCTION & THANK YOU FOR VISITING! NEW ZAPPER STRAPPER INCLUDED WITH PURCHASE! This custom made strap is a soft comfortable elastic material (not unlike the waistband of your favorite sweat pants) which is 16 inche ...  More

Price: $128.5

New Rechargable High Definition 15V Zapper, Hulda Clark Parasite Virus Cleanse

New professional quality zapper. The most powerful zapper available. Twice the power of standard zappers. Zap in half the time, 3 minutes instead of 7 minutes. Stainless steel plates so you can zap anytime anywhere. The oscilloscope screenshots show ...  More

Price: $55.0


High quality Bio Wave Generator for selective electro destruction of pathogenic microorganisms - Volcano Zapper Bio-wave generator VOLCANO Zapper is a digital electronic device that kills pathogenic parasites, bacteria, viruses and fungi by means of ...  More

Price: $79.67

Hulda Clark Zapper - High Efficiency, Compact CMOS Design w/ Copper Electrodes

Item Specifics Circuit dimensions: 19.1mm x 12.7mm Power input: 9V Battery (Not Included) Output Lead Length: 3 ft (~1m) Output Frequency: ~14.1 kHz Also Included: (2) - 3" Copper Electrodes(1) Set of Instructions Orders for 10 get an additional unit ...  More

Price: $10.0


This is a dual frequency version of the original Dr. Clark zapper, and has 3 and 30 kHz selectable with a toggle switch. The circuit has positive offset and is reverse polarity protected. There is a short instruction sheet included, but we assume buy ...  More

Price: $43.0

Basic Zapper

Price: $35.0

EMF Grounding Earthing Plug Dr Hulda Clark Don Croft Frequency Generator Zapper

Price: $29.0

World's Smallest Hulda Clark Zapper - 15 Hz

Price: $15.95

New Rechargable High Definition 15V Zapper, Hulda Clark Parasite Virus Cleanse

Price: $49.0

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