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Terminator Zapper by Don Croft

Value and power in one tiny package. The Terminator has been our best selling Zapper since the first week we began selling it many years ago. It is based on the original circuit published by Dr. Hulda Clark, the Terminator is manufactured by Don Crof ...  More

Price: $134.0

Dr. Hulda Clark C3i Manual Parasite Zapper

This is a gently used Hulda Clark C3i manual parasite zapper with belt clip in excellent condition. Includes a set of coil cords to use with wrist straps (wrist straps not included). This is a Hulda Clark manual zapper in excellent condition. This un ...  More

Price: $49.99

World's Smallest Hulda Clark Zapper - 30kHz

World's Smallest Hulda Clark Zapper - 30 kHz click picture to enlarge click picture to enlarge World's Smallest Hulda Clark Zapper - 30 kHz World's smallest zapper. __________ eBay's longest and best selling line of Zappers with more and better feedb ...  More

Price: $9.95

K2AUModel MP-27 BOB BECK MAGNETIC PULSER - and KZ-03 ZAPPER - 36 Month Warranty.

Bob Beck MAGNETIC PULSER Designed and made in Australia the MP-27 Magnetic Pulser is considered one of the most advanced units on the market today. The MP-08 offers the benefits of a pulsed magnetic field to help balance the bodys natural electricity ...  More

Price: $424.45

Model KZ-03, Bob Beck Zapper, 36 Month Warranty.

BOB BECK Zapper (Plant Growth Stimulator) Our model KZ-03 Zapper is manufactured in Australia following the research of Bob Beck. State of the art solid state electronics are housed in a stylish and durable (RoHS compliant) enclosure featuring a buil ...  More

Price: $140.66

Bob Beck Zapper & CSG - model KZ-05 - 36 Month Warranty.

BOB BECK PLANT GROWTH STIMULATOR Our model KZ-05 Zapper & CSG offers the benefits of gentle micro currents of electricity and also generates CS. Designed and engineered in Australia following the research of Dr Robert Beck. Specifications: The KZ ...  More

Price: $211.13

Zapper Electrodes Cable

Price: $11.17

Dr Hulda Clark Zapper Model A-6 The ONLY Zapper used in Dr Clark's Clinic

Price: $79.0

Ark Naturals Breath-Less Fizzy Plaque-Zapper S/M ARK40010 GULF COAST NUTRITIONAL

Price: $14.96

K2AU, Bob Beck Zapper Electrodes Sleeves (6 pairs)

Price: $11.33

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