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Zapper digital plus - Dr. Hulda Clark Zapper

This zapper is like new only used a few times. A great little machine for alot of different things. The instruction booklet was lost but you can download a new one for free. This machine retails for 459.00

Price: $255.0

Mini Zapper!!!

30 KHz positive offset (to latest specs, 0.25v) square wave with 50% duty cycle Reverse voltage protection Flexible, hardwired leads with easy to attach, strong gripping alligator clips for connecting to pipes Included 6" copper pipes with lustrous f ...  More

Price: $19.99

Dr Hulda Clark Zapper Model B-5 - with Parasite Cleanse Kit

Kit includes Clove caps 100, Wormwood caps 100 and 2oz Black Walnut Tincture Extra Strength ZAP THE PARASITES Showing the way to better health Zap The Parasites Sells the ONLY Zapper used by Dr Hulda Clark in her clinic. Several websites selling Dr. ...  More

Price: $175.0

Zapper - Hulda Clark - Hi Quality/Low Price

This auction is for one DR. HULDA R. CLARK Zapper Model A-6 purchased from for $99. This little device releases electrical pauses that based on Dr. Hulda R. Clark's reseach it destroys toxins and pathelogens in the human body. Products ...  More

Price: $49.0

Dr. Clark VariGamma - ZAPPER, RIFE frequency Health and Healing

Dr. Hulda Clark VariGamma Zapper/Frequency Generator - Gently used condition, works fine in EXCELLENT condition. Included is the user manual, hard case and over 50 pages of frequencies. One preprogramed card for 30 minutes of general healing or it ca ...  More

Price: $450.0

Preprogramed Driver Card LOT for Dr. Clark VariGamma - 8 CARDS - Zapper, Rife

8 Card Lot of Preprogramed Driver Cards for Dr. Hulda Clark's VariGamma Zapper/Frequency Generator. The VariGamma is comparable to the Zapper, but has more functions. Also, this device is like a Rife Frequency Device by Royal Raymond Rife used for he ...  More

Price: $99.0

Pain Zapper Basic Bundle Eye Mask Magic Body Pad

Price: $29.99

Pain-Zapper Deluxe Bundle Eye Mask Magic Body Pad Blanket

Price: $43.8

The Hulda Clark Zapper

Price: $89.99

zapper modle a5 square wave generator

Price: $60.0

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